Facial Reflex Therapy

Facial Reflex Therapy is designed to thoroughly stimulate all of the systems of the body. Treatment begins with stimulation to the neurological points on the face, then manipulation to discover the area of the original disruption in balance. After individually stimulating this area quite thoroughly I will work with the nerve body and then the physical body on the face. This is followed by facial lymphatic drainage and some individually tailored steps to address you current symptoms that you presently have. I will then end by balancing and harmonizing the two hemispheres of the brain.

You will find Facial Reflex Therapy incredibly relaxing, due to firm but gently hand techniques. This treatment draws on ancient Tibetan, Chinese, South American and Vietnamese ‘body maps’, where nerve points and meridians are used to relate to different parts of the body, as well as modern neuro anatomy.

This dynamic facial muscle stimulation technique combines deep, meticulous and relaxing strokes to relieve deep routed imbalances in your body. As a bonus, the treatment also tones the skin, softens tension lines, reduces puffiness and promotes a glowing complexion.

As well as dealing with imbalances that develop through daily living, a course of treatments can help people with specific health issues. It has been used to treat insomnia, stress, hormonal imbalances, digestive complaints, migraines, muscle tension, neurological conditions and more.

In a Facial Reflex Therapy treatment, the entire surface of the face is treated. This initiates a natural improvement in the blood circulation, lymphatic drainage, muscle tone and nerve supply to the face and head. Clients frequently report an enhanced feeling of well-being – and a glowing complexion.

60 Minutes $120.00

90 Minutes $180.00

120 Minutes $220.00

When treating serious conditions a course of treatment is recommended.
This treatment blends well with Foot and Hand Reflexology, CranioSacral Therapy, and Reiki Sessions.