Remote Energy Healing

If we really think about it, all energy healing is remote - during sessions in my office a client will be in the same room as me, but I am using my intent to hold space and focus on parts of their body that I am not physically touching. We don’t think of this as "remote Healing", it is different but in both cases it is remote.

Not everyone can come to my office, sometimes it just is not practical - this is when this type of session can be just what one is looking for. Sessions are 45 minutes and I ask that you are present with your intention and attention, in a quiet and relaxing space. Sessions are booked just as a physical session would be, I will contact you before the start of the session and at the close of the session. If you have any questions you can contact me the following day. It is important that after a session you take the time to relax, absorb and allow time for

the body to settle into the work that has been done, waiting until the following day to communicate questions you may have is very beneficial to this.

Please call to make an appointment. Session are $55.00 for 45 minutes.