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About Brenda Layou

Wholistic Reflexologist


I originally became interested in healing work because of my son, Daniel, who has cerebral palsy. I wanted to do as much as I could for him, and also for myself in terms of healing my own pain about this situation. It was obvious to me that working with Daniel’s physical condition and my own spiritual pain were inseparable. I experienced my first Reiki treatment in 1998, and it change my way of thinking, feeling and believing. After that, I could not stop learning more and more. Continually seeking knowledge, I became both an insatiable student and an insatiable teacher of the healing arts, I think of my studies as being “ongoing”. I draw from several different modalities to tailor an individual session, I tune into the person as a whole, working in such a way as to facilitate their own self-healing. Thus, people become empowered. Holding and moving people’s energy with one’s intent is what I am doing.

I also make handmade organic lotions for the body – food for the skin. After preparing to teach a class on “Going Green” I became aware of what was in our commercially made face and body products. Seeing as I use creams on a daily basis I decided to make some myself, using only the finest ingredients. The results were so amazing that I started my own line of natural, organic, handmade creams known as Camai Organic.

Reiki Master and Teacher April 2004
Reflexology Certification NJ June 2007
Indian Head massage Certification October 2007
Reflexology National Certification April 2008
Raindrop Training April 2008
Vita Flex Training April 2008
Emotional Healing Training April 2008
Praxis Vertibralis Module 1 May 2009
Color Therapy Certification October 2009
Trained in Metamorphosis December 2009
Trained in Indian Face Massage February 2010
Polarity level 1 2010
Chi Reflexology of Australia 2011
CranioSacral level 1 2012
CranioSacral level 2 2012
SomatoEmotional Release 1 2013
Facial Reflex Therapy Level 1 2013
Facial Reflex Therapy Level 2013
Gentle Scar Mobilization Techniques for the Post Mastectomy/Post Radiation Client Dec 2013
Manual Lymph Drainage Dec 2013
Facial Reflex Therapy Level 3 2014
Facial Reflex Therapy Level 4 2014
CranioSacral Therapy Touching The Brain 1 ; stimulating self – correction through the glial interface. Feb 2014
TSA CranioSacral Level 1 May 2014
Clinical Application of CST & SomatoEmotional Release Course October 2014
Natural Facial Rejuvenation March 2015
Facial Reflex Therapy Level 5 2015
Sorensensistem Facial Reflex Therapy Diploma 2015
Sorensensistem Internatinal Training Week Barcelona April 2015
Color Therapy Sorensensistem 2015
Touch The Brain Practicum Dec 2015
Cupping May 2016
Sorensensistem Dementia and Parkinson’s 2016
Sorensensistem Diabetes and Hormonal Health 2016
Occular Therapy Sorensensistem 2016
Dien Chan 2016
Lymph Drainage May 2016
Animal Communication May 2017
Sorensensistem Japaneese FaceLift 2017
Advanced Animal Communication Oct 2017
Biodynamic CranioSacral Level 1 Nov 2018
Color Point Colorpuncture level 1 and 2 Jan 2018
Introduction to Esogetic Colorpuncture Jan 2018

Distributor of Young Living Oils Member # 931188

Kind Words from Brenda’s Clients….

You’ve got the greatest hands and so much kindness and a wonderful sense of humor, but the relief I felt before neck surgery was much needed. ~Roberta Urena

I have been working through my migraine issues with Brenda Layou of Camai Healing for the last few months. I have found her to be very pleasant, personable and extremely professional.  She makes sure the services she provides me are appropriate to what is going on with me at each visit. She has helped me tremendously, easing the pain of my migraines.  I feel confident and so comfortable with Brenda, and I would recommend her to anyone. ~Terry

This woman has fixed my neck and lungs with her wonderful foot work. ~Katarina