Blended Sessions

Sometimes this is exactly what you need, a bit of this a bit of that . Due to my extensive training in many modalities I am able to offer many different services within a session, these sessions are called Blended Sessions. Maybe you are unsure of which service to book, maybe you want to try out the different modalities, or maybe you have a specific issue you want me to work with you on whilst having a certain service.

Some examples are to add :

  • Manual lymphatic Drainage for specific issues such as swelling that happens when medical treatment or illness blocks your lymphatic system.
  • Medical Cupping for muscle pain and lymphatic stimulation.
  • Thermie Roll for joint and back pain and headaches.
  • ColorPuncture, short treatments added to other services are amazing.
  • Scar tissue work – nicely added to other services.
  • Dien Chan Treatments – great for medical issues as well as emotional issues. There are some other changed needed but I can easily talk to you about them on our call

60 Minutes ........ $120.00

90 Minutes ........ $180.00

120 Minutes ........$220.00